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Student Showcase

Student choreographed dances benefiting area families who could use a boost...

At Endless Mountains Dance Center we believe in putting the power of creativity into the hands of young minds. Throughout the year our students are given the tools and technique they need to understand the factors that contribute to creating a performance. Once a year we allow them the opportunity to create their own pieces to bring to an audience. We call this project our Student Showcase and is typically organized as a graduating student's senior project.

These performances are always so much more than student choreography. The staff contributes their time as volunteers and all admissions are donations based, collected for an area family that could use a boost. We work hard to ensure that students have the opportunity to see their art bring good into the world.

In addition to the student choreographed dances we also have a dance clinic that allows younger students to get involved and have extra opportunities on the stage. We pull together additional in studio fundraisers to help boost what we can give as well.

In recent years we've begun to include competition pieces during this show and are happy to announce that the tradition will continue this year, bringing you a wellrounded show filled with fun, talented, and the spirit of community we pride ourselves on.

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