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Class Gear

Shoes, Dress Code, and Where to Find it All

Girl Lacing Up Her Shoes

Ballet Juniors and Under

Leotard (any color) with tights, skirts permitted; no shorts or pants. No tank tops over leotards. Hair MUST be

pulled back out of the face.

Capezio Hanami Ballet Shoes in pink. (See links below)

for Opal Pearl, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphires

BLACK Leotard with PINK tights, Pink or Black Skirt optional. Not tank tops over leotard.

Capezio Hanami Ballet Shoes in pink



For all ages

Leotard, tights, and a skirt or dance pants may be worn with a leotard or ank top. Please note that dancers need to be wearing form fitting clothing, especially in acro, for the safety and comfort of dancers. We also strongly suggest sports bras for those not wearing leotards. 

Hair MUST be pulled back out of face. 

Tap Shoes: 
4 year olds-Level 3: Bloch Mary Jane Tap
Juniors and Up:

Balera Slip On Tap
Bloch Tap-Flex

Jazz Shoes:

Level 1 and Up: Capezio Slip On Jazz OR Capezio Hanami Jazz

Tap Shoes
Hip Hop Class
Hip Hop Class

Additional Notes

For hip hop classes jazz shoes, bare feet, or dance sneakers are acceptable. (Talk to your teachers for more specifics and recommendations) 

Acro classes require BARE feet. We recommend stirrup or transition tights for dancers in multiple classes on their acro nights. 

Boys are required to wear well fitting dance pants or shorts and t-shirts. For ballet a white shirt and black pants is expected.

Our Recommendations

For Pointe shoes and special circumstance in person fittings Endless Mountains Dance Center highly recommends

8 Count Dancewear in Scranton by Liza Murray 


Young Dance Students
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